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We support startups in quickly building applications using no-code / low-code platforms.


Using no-code / low-code technology, we speed up the implementation process by 5 times.


We implement applications using the most cost-effective method of building web/mobile applications and services.


We analyze your project during joint workshops and offer a fixed, unchanging price for the entire project – schedule a free consultation.

Scalability and security

See what results can be achieved using this method of building applications – project success stories.

Financial support

We assist in finding an investment fund, accelerator, or in obtaining EU funds.

More About Us

Nasza misja UX

Akcelerator smart tech działający w regionie CEE. Pomaga w pozyskiwaniu finansowania. Wspólnie wspieramy rozwój ekosystemu startupowego.

Razem z inkubatorem inQUBE wspieramy ludzi przedsiębiorczych, którzy stawiają swoje pierwsze kroki w świecie biznesu.

Największa konferencja w CEE poświęcona produktom cyfrowym. Personit jako partner strategiczny jest odpowiedzialny za strefę Startup Valley, przeznaczoną dla inwestorów i startupów.

Wydarzenia networkingowe dla założycieli startupów, inwestorów i mentorów. Personit jest sponsorem głównej nagrody.

No-code starter to społeczność 1200+ no-code / low-code developerów i entuzjastów tworzenia aplikacji, stron, budowania rozwiązań SaaS i startupów. Wspólnie prowadzimy grupę, edukujemy i organizujemy spotkania.
Wolves Summit to globalna platforma, która skutecznie łączy startupy, inwestorów i partnerów na całym świecie. Dzięki naszej współpracy jeden ze startupów otrzyma wdrożenie MVP swojej aplikacji.

Degen Meetups to seria wydarzeń skupiających się na edukacji na terenie Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej w zakresie rozwiązań blockchain i AI. Organizowany w partnerstwie z Bankiem PKO BP, Govtech Polska, SprawnyMarketing oraz Personit.

To najbardziej przedsiębiorcza społeczność i konferencja w Polsce. Inicjatywa Founders jest dla nas szczególnie bliska, ponieważ tam powstał Personit! Więcej w O NAS

Smart tech accelerator operating in the CEE region. It helps in obtaining financing. Together, we support the development of the startup ecosystem.

Wolves Summit is a global platform that effectively connects startups, investors and partners around the world. Thanks to our cooperation, one of the startups will receive the implementation of the MVP of its application.

Networking events for startup founders, investors and mentors. Personit is the sponsor of the grand prize.

With the inQUBE incubator, we support entrepreneurial people who take their first steps in the business world.

Degen Meetups is a series of events focusing on education in Central and Eastern Europe on blockchain and AI solutions. It is organized in partnership with PKO BP Bank, Govtech Poland, SprawnyMarketing and Personit, among others.

The largest conference in CEE dedicated to digital products. Personit, as a strategic partner, is responsible for the Startup Valley zone for investors and startups.

No-code starter is a community of 1,200+ no-code / low-code developers and enthusiasts developing apps, websites, building SaaS solutions and startups. Together we run the group, educate and organize meetings.

This is the most entrepreneurial community and conference in Poland. The Founders initiative is especially close to us because Personit was founded there! Read more in About Us


⚡️5x faster MVP app development for your startup

You will save time and money, accelerating the development of your startup. Our team of experts will build a low-code application for you 5x faster than the standard method. Validate business ideas quickly and at a more favorable budget.



"Working with Personit is a sincere pleasure. Paul is able to empathize with the user, asks pertinent questions and diagnoses needs. Importantly, even with a conceptually complex project, he is able to quickly understand it business-wise. In short: I recommend 👍"

Michael Daktera

Owner in SwiadomyPodpis

"The team's activities were characterized by flexibility, professionalism and a comprehensive approach to each of the assigned tasks. We especially appreciate the commitment and quality service, custom UX/UI solutions and openness in adapting solutions to the client's needs. I wholeheartedly recommend them as specialists in their field. Personit is a reliable and trustworthy business partner."

Witalij Szczerbyna

CEO Kanapkaman

"Personit effectively develops our products and validates concepts. Paul and his team deliver high quality projects. I highly recommend!"

Lukas Kordys

Head IT in Tronik

“The product was delivered on time. Despite the many changes during development, the team fully met expectations and customized the application. We were impressed by the great direct contact we had with the team members developing the application.”
Blazej Sienkiewicz

SPK Owner

“Personit’s ability to seamlessly integrate advanced artificial intelligence technologies to mimic writing styles and automate content creation was truly impressive. Their innovative approach and use of no-code solutions enabled them to deliver a highly personalized and efficient platform. No one told me before that such things can be done in no-code. Great job!”

Rafael Boloz

CEO AI-sprinter

“What really made Personit stand out was their ability to propose and implement tailor-made solutions, tailored to our specific needs.Their agility in navigating through no-code solutions and integrations was remarkable, a testament to their expertise in the field.They demonstrated an exceptional ability to make significant changes and adaptations in a matter of weeks, far exceeding our expectations.”

Michael Jeska



Our projects

E-commerce platform -

Web app

Influencer e-commerce management platform

  • Creating online stores
  • Store management
  • Inventory update
  • Payment module
  • Statistics
  • Notifications
  • Integrations

Implementation time: 3 months

Stado - herd management

Desktop and mobile app (PWA)

  • herd management
  • task lists
  • treatment cards
  • procedure schemesscanning QR codes
  • Stripe subscriptions
  • notifications

Implementation time: 2 months

Novu Cure

Desktop and mobile app (PWA)
An innovative system to improve patient compliance in clinical trials.

  • planning the timeliness of treatments required by the study protocol
  • communication with patients
  • procedure management

Implementation time: 3 months

Complaints management

Web app

  • send complaints
  • complaints management
  • generating documentscourier integration via easyship
  • status management & notifications
  • Stripe payments

Implementation time: 3 weeks


Our startups

Aplikacja Mindero


A platform to support eliminating procrastination, building new habits and achieving goals.

Launching soon…

Aplikacja Planer Zawodowy

Professional Planner

Virtual AI Assistant. Support in choosing a career path based on your personality, strengths and competencies.

Launching soon…

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