How it started…

There were two guys Pawel and Michal who shared a common passion – helping early startups achieve their dreams. The startup world is tough and competitive, and creating something new requires a lot of time and money. We all know that young entrepreneurs often lack both.

We realized it was time to change the startup landscape, and that’s when we came up with the idea for Personit. It’s a software agency that works with early-stage startups, developing MVPs, mobile and web apps using low-code & no-code tools.

We knew it was a game-changer, but it was still relatively unknown in the startup community. So, we started talking and traveling, spreading the word about the benefits of low-code and no-code tools wherever we could. We kept repeating the same message – there’s a simpler path you can choose. You can create a high-quality product at a fraction of the usual costs, believe it or not, but it’s true.

Michał Sukiennik

Chief Operating Officer
Enthusiast of new technologies. Startup mentor, lawyer by education, gained experience in renowned software development agencies.

“In times of crisis, low-code and no-code tools will play a key role both in stimulating technological development and optimizing internal company processes. Knowledge of these tools will be the main success factor of any company.”

Paweł Płowiec

Chief Executive Officer
Experience designer & no-code developer with a passion for technology, minimalism and modern art. I help companies achieve their goals by creating products and services that meet both user and business needs. I develop and design SaaS B2B and B2C solutions, websites, mobile and desktop applications. I enjoy working with interesting startups, creating and testing new solutions.


As a partner of startup events, we engage in organizing conferences, workshops, and other initiatives that help young entrepreneurs develop their ideas and network with experts and investors.

We are also members of juries for various startup competitions, where we evaluate and select the best projects. This enables us to support new ideas and bring them to market.


Smart tech accelerator operating in the CEE region. It helps in obtaining financing. Together, we support the development of the startup ecosystem.

Wolves Summit is a global platform that effectively connects startups, investors and partners around the world. Thanks to our cooperation, one of the startups will receive the implementation of the MVP of its application.

Networking events for startup founders, investors and mentors. Personit is the sponsor of the grand prize.

With the inQUBE incubator, we support entrepreneurial people who take their first steps in the business world.

Degen Meetups is a series of events focusing on education in Central and Eastern Europe on blockchain and AI solutions. It is organized in partnership with PKO BP Bank, Govtech Poland, SprawnyMarketing and Personit, among others.

The largest conference in CEE dedicated to digital products. Personit, as a strategic partner, is responsible for the Startup Valley zone for investors and startups.

No-code starter is a community of 1,200+ no-code / low-code developers and enthusiasts developing apps, websites, building SaaS solutions and startups. Together we run the group, educate and organize meetings.

This is the most entrepreneurial community and conference in Poland. The Founders initiative is especially close to us because Personit was founded there! Read more in About Us


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Pawel Plowiec


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